We also offer a complete restoration for your built in bbq grill if needed. We will take your grill for a complete restoration that involves taking it to our shop, 2-4 business days so you don’t miss the weekend of grilling.

Why employ our services?

  • To make your grill look clean in front of any guests. You don’t want to be caught with a dirty grill.
  • We make sure your grill is operating safely and efficiently, don’t over cook or under cook in certain areas.
  • Removal of grease will reduce the risk of “grease fires”
  • We perform a 10 point safety inspection when we meet you and your grill

Rotisserie racks, Igniters, Thermometer, Burners, Grill racks
Heat Plates
Pressure Regulator
Venturi tubes

Gas leaks
Low heat issues
Gas regulators, hoses and attachments
Briquettes, Porcelain heat distributors

  • We provide a detailed estimate up front with no hidden surprises.
  • Going from natural gas to propane? We will do a complete reconfiguration using only name brand factory authorized parts.
  • Eliminate harmful carcinogens that can be passed onto your food while cooking
  • Prolong the life of your grill scheduling regular maintenance
  • Help prevent future corrosion
  • We offer quarterly and annual service discounts, would you wait years to clean your stove?
  • Your grill will be looking new again with the specially designed polish we use after each cleaning job!
  • Eliminate 99.9% of all rodent attracting bacteria.

We make sure your grill looks great

Clean and..Green

Our cleaning products are:

  • Effective & Efficient
  • Bio-Degradable
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Non-Toxic
  • Odorless